Mohit’s wonder throw gives Shock to South Africa

Who Winner of the India Vs South Africa today ODI in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Many people now get tension and think which team India or South Africa who will be the winner.

But some of the cricket analysis websites are told 50-50 chances both India and South Africa, after the first innings they can change their analysis, Indian Batsmen beat South Africa bowlers and give huge target of 307 runs to South Africa.

Now still match is going on, in the second innings South Africa scored 131 runs in 27 overs and lost 3 important wickets. Still there is a hope for South Africa, Faf du Plessis out at 54 runs, if he will out then the India take the match in its hands. Now he was out then India takes the match in its hands.

Mohit Sharma shocked to South Africa he gets the important Faf du Plessis wicket of SA

LED Wickets images of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Mohit’s wonder throw gets AB de Villers Wicket

Ok wait and see who the winner - India Vs South Africa match is?

Now South Africa scored 133/3 in 28 overs reaming SA has 19 overs.

South Africa Score: 150/5 in 32.4 overs

Present Run Rate: 4.74

Required Run Rate: 8.47

Remaining overs in hand: 22 (132 Balls)

Required runs: 164

Wickets in hand: 5