latest cricket  News Team India won ICC cricket world cup 2015

Yes before world cup 2015 there is no hopes on team India will get World Cup 2015 third time, now the fate of Team India is changed and get full power to get ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. This is truth most of the famous cricket players are told this truth.

Team India wins ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

How India wins ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 third time?

Before World cup 2015 Team India is waste team this is thinking of cricket fans too waste in bowling, fielding and batting. After step into the world cup 2015 Team India fate is changed suddenly in all fields such as bowling, fielding and batting.

Analysis of Team India’s in bowling, fielding and batting.

team India image
Team India
Fielding: now world cup 2015 is running, India played 2 matches on Pakistan and South Africa in Pool B group.

On Pakistan and West Indies India players are not dropped single catch, in the two matches 15 catches were came and caught by Team India fielders, they are not dropped a single catch all 15 catches caught by Team India.

Some of the strong teams also dropped many catches

South Africa played two matches and dropped 6 catches for this fault batsmen missed from out and continued batting and get 196 more runs

See Shikhar Dhawan gave a catch but SA fielders dropped that catch by Amala then Shikhar Dhawan scored 137 runs.

New Zealand is famous for fielding but NZ also dropped 5 catches

Australia also dropped 2 catches and gave 76 more runs

In the Indian sub continental Srilanka is famous for fielding still Srilanka dropped 16 catches, still this is the highest dropped catches in the world cup 2015.

England dropped 5 catches

West Indies dropped 10 catches

Pakistan dropped 7 catches

Bangladesh dropped 7 catches

Final words

Team India is rocking in fielding so I wish Team India continue this temper in fielding, bowling and batting then 100% sure Team India won the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 third time. (image credit my facebook account)

I wish good luck and best of luck to Team India

Friends this is my analysis and idea only don’t think otherwise.

Thank You