Highlights of Srilanka vs Bangladesh ODI in world cup 2015

T Dilshan and K Sungakkara take Srilanka at the peak of Everst, both hit centuries on Bangladesh, T Dilshan hit 161 and K Sangakkara hit 105 runs

Strike rate of T Dilshan: 107.27

Strike rate of K Sangakkara: 138.15

See the strike rate of both players, so after K Sangakkara take batting then the Srilankan score board runs like superfast train.

This match is “do or die match” for both teams, Srilanka started its batting then its batsmen know this truth, they has compulsory win, Tillakartne Dilshan batting video and Kumara Sangakkara batting video
Today Srilanka batsmen show their performance against Bangladesh bowlers

Watch: amazing batting performance of Tilakartne Dilshan
T dilshan and k sangakkara batting images
T Dilshan and K Sangakkara batting pics

Watch: wonderful innings of Kumara Sangakkara

At the 35 over Srilanka score was only 235 runs, after that they are fired they scored 332 runs; it is big score no doubt.

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Lahiru Thirimanne and Tilakaratne dilshan opened Srilanka batting against Bangladesh, Lahhiru Thirimanne out for 52 runs suddenly match is turns to Srilanka’s hand, Kumara Sangakkara came and boost the srilanka score board, it runs like a flight.

Tilakaratne Dilshan scored 161 runs in 146 balls in this score 22 fours also include

Kumara Sangakkara scored 105 in 76 balls in this 13 fours and 1 six also include

What a batting it is Bangladesh bowlers are no words to see the batting style of K Sangakkara

The 2 men were took Srilanka to a big score. Finally after 50 overs, Srilanka give huge target 332 runs to Bangladesh.